22 yr old is making Kshs. 400,000 a month selling books on his online shop.

“My Online shop in Kenya makes me Kshs. 400,000 a month and its only because being online give me the cabability to sell books that i haven’t stocked and also to many people outside Kenya” Said Francis Mwangi.

Now with a fully functioning online shop Francis Mwangi is a university dropout after his parents couldn’t raise any more money for his remaining 2 years at Moi University. He then ventured into poultry through which he got knowledge ans skills in the agricultural sector but had yet implemented. He then focussed to selling equipment related with poultry.

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“I learnt that the easiest thing I could sell was books but a friend of mine advised me to start an online book store claiming it will cut rent and marketing costs as its easier to market than a physical shop. I approached Pearl Media Web systems through a friend who had done a real estate website with them and discussed my idea. We scheduled a meeting took their developers through my idea and we got start. The design of the online shop was finished in three weeks and its on this link Agrimartt.com . Ever since that i sell my books cheaply at only Kshs. 200 per copy but they have increased my income to Kshs. 400,000 a month.” Said Francis.

Francis is a testimony that a business grows faster online as you target more people that one from a physical shop

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